Extension + IFS

October 2011

In 2010, work began on an expansion of our Pittaman bvba Daddy Cool building in Schoten, adding 600m2. Initial plans called for a larger production area, as well as additional storage for frozen and dry products. On the first floor of the expansion, we also added additional office space, a meeting room with a terrace, a kitchen for tasting sessions and an extra storage room, all to be finished at a later stage.

The first phase was completed in October 2011, the second phase in May 2013. This allowed us to achieve our 2 goals: increasing our production capacity and capabilities, and attaining IFS certification. The latter is scheduled for early 2014.

Wholemeal pitta bread

April 2013

In April 2013, we announced the launch of our new wholemeal pitta bread. The popularity of wholemeal bread is on the rise everywhere because it’s healthy and it tastes great. The wholemeal pitta bread can be filled with just about anything you’ll find in the store. Cheese, ham, hamburger, lettuce, spreads, sliced cold meats and, of course, kebab meat. And whatever kids are putting on their bread these days – it’ll taste great in their pitta bread! Heat up the filled pitta bread a second time for a delicious toasted sandwich. The launch will be supported by an attractive counter display and an eye-catching advertising board informing the customer about the many possibilities and advantages of our pitta bread.

Each package contains 4 wholemeal pitta breads of 70g each. The retailer orders a box of 12 packages, and the counter display contains 6 packages. The bread is packaged under a modified atmosphere, so it’s fresh with a limited shelf life (1 to 2 months). The pitta breads can be heated up in a toaster or in the oven.


Halloween 2013

For the second time, Daddy Cool attended the Halloween event at Walibi Wavre amusement park from 18 October to 3 November 2013. The famous Daddy Cool container – a familiar, taste-bud tickling sight at all the biggest summer festivals – popped up in Walibi to sell Thai, Italian and Vegetarian Meals. The ethnic Daddy Cool meals are tasty, trendy and are sold in a takeaway pasta box so our customers can eat on the go. That way, they don’t have to miss any of the exciting activities Walibi has to offer during Halloween. Double the fun!


November 2013

Pittaman bvba Daddy Cool is pleased to announce a new partnership with Total. It includes the sale of our frozen Ready Meals via a specially-designed sales display designed for public places such as petrol stations, schools, amusement parks, train stations, etc. The display consists of a mobile unit styled in Daddy Cool branding containing a freezer, a microwave, and dispensers for wooden forks and napkins. The customer picks one of 3 different ethnic meals, heats it up and pays at the checkout. This meal can be eaten on the spot or on the road.

A test period has been agreed, during which a Daddy Cool display will be placed in 3 Total petrol stations in Belgium. The November 2013 launch is being supplemented by a special offer and tasting sessions in the shops. These will be held at the Total stations in Kalken (Antwerp-Ghent), Nazareth (Kortrijk-Ghent) and Ruisbroek (Charleroi-Brussels).